Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Brown's Actions are as bad as Akins

Let's be clear, what Scott Brown's doing with his campaign -- turning it about race and not even apologizing for his staff when they use "war whoops" and "tomohawk chops" at campaign events -- is absolutely as disgusting as what Rep. Akins did in the Missouri Senate race.

This should be a national story and, like Akins, he should be run out of office. There is no place for racism in any campaign, and this is the first time I can remember ever seeing a race in Massachusetts in which the racism has been so blatant.

Not even in Kerry Healey's Willy Horton ads did we see anything like this.

In light of the fact that he refuses to punish or even apologize for his staff's actions -- even after he's been called to do so by the leader of the Cherokee Nation -- we have to start asking if this is exactly the kind of man he is in real life.

Given that he seems to find these kinds of racist actions funny, it's starting to be hard to imagine otherwise.

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